Terms and Conditions for the ‘Training’ and the requirements for IEMT Certification

Please note: attendance of a course by itself does not give a person the automatic right to a practitioner certification in IEMT and the trainer reserves the right to withhold certification until a student has demonstrated that they have attained an appropriate standard in their understanding and application of the principles of IEMT.

Whilst it is possible to attend this course solely for the purposes of using IEMT for personal development: (not as a Practitioner). 

Eligibility for full certification as an IEMT Practitioner, which entails registering with ‘The Association for IEMT Practitioners’ after training, is dependent on the following criteria being met:

A current qualification in one or more of the following:

CBT, Counselling, EMDR, General Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Medical Practitioner, Dr of Chiropractic, Midwife, Nurse, Physiotherapy.
Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, EFT, TFT, Emotrance, Homeopathy,  Naturopath, Nutrition, Matrix Re-imprinting, Osteopathy or a similar complementary therapy qualification.

(A copy of your certificate of qualification must be sent in to the course trainer before acceptance on the course. Before sending in a copy of your certificates please read and sign the Pre-course Module (sent on application) and send it back with a copy of your certificate.)

After the course you will be required to perform, complete and write-up a minimum of 2 case studies prior to receiving your certification.
It is important that you follow the following guidelines for conducting these case studies by:

  1.  Making sure participating case study volunteers sign a consent form stating that they understand they are participating as a case study and in answering the pre-session assessment form have revealed all the required information.
  2.  Making sure participating case study volunteers do not have conditions or circumstances that contraindicate the use of IEMT (see Guidelines sent with Terms and Conditions). Please note:with certain conditions you may require the consent of their GP or Consultant. If this is the case, it may be advisable to select someone else for the purposes of the case study, as permission either might not be granted or at best take time, either way this could delay your ability to submit your case study
  3. Making sure participating case study volunteers fill in the pre-session assessment and consent form and that these forms are retained safely by you in accordance with Data Protection Rules. These forms should be marked with a unique reference number or code. This number or code and only this number or code should be used in all references to the client in the case study to be submitted in order to ensure anonymity of the client when it is submitted for assessment. If you are unsure whether your email provider encrypts your emails, it is suggested that you open a Gmail account (free) as Gmail encrypts its emails preventing them from being hacked. Also suggest your case study does the same if they are uncertain if their email provider encrypts Note well: There must be no fees charged for case studies.

To be acceptable for certification purposes, case studies should also contain enough detail to demonstrate a good understanding of the principles of IEMT and the ability to apply them in practice. The case study should therefore contain:

  • Details of the presenting problem and actual problem if different.
  • Techniques used.
  • If evidenced, patterns of chronicity present.
  • Number of sessions.
  • Details of self-reflection on the session (as outlined in this module).

If a case study does not fulfill this criterion, the trainer reserves the right to ask for further written information or for a Case Study to be resubmitted before certification is granted.

Please note: In order to allow appropriate time to assess case studies, qualification certificates will not be awarded at the actual training.

The above case studies are to be emailed to me for assessment within 12 months of completion of the training course. Please ensure that you retain a secure copy of your case studies after sending, in case they need to be resubmitted. Certification will be awarded on satisfactory completion of the case studies.

If you choose to video or record your session(s), you must obtain your case study volunteer’s consent for this in writing.

Where appropriate I may suggest a Skype session or telephone call to discuss your case studies and offer feedback.

This course is for practitioner level only and does not qualify or certify you as a Trainer of IEMT. The next Trainer Training for IEMT will be run by Andrew Austin. To be a trainer, permission and training is required from Andrew T. Austin the Developer of IEMT.

Recording of the ’Training’
Please note: By booking and by attending a “Training” you are consenting to being photographed and recorded by video and audio devices. All photographs and recordings are the sole property of Phil Knox. By signing these terms and conditions you assign and authorise Phil Knox “the organiser”, all rights in and to any of the photo, sound and vision recordings which you feature in at the IEMT training. You also authorize the organiser (Phil Knox), without limitations the right to reproduce, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute any such photo, sound and vision recordings and waive all rights or claims you may have against Phil Knox and or any of his affiliates, subsidiaries or assignees in respect of said photos, sound and vision recordings.

Taking photographs or video recordings by anyone other than the organisers of the course by any means including phones and tablets is not permitted.  (Audio recording of the training is permitted but on the understanding that any audio recordings made are for personal use only and are not to be shared (in part or in whole) with others, by any method,  under any circumstances.)

Payment for the course can be made by Debit Card or Bank transfer (details available on application). A minimum deposit of £50 is required to secure your place on the course, with the remaining balance due not less than 14 days prior to the training.

Cancellations and Transfers Policy:
Please note: In the event of  your cancelling, a refund will only be given if the request is received, in advance of the 14 day period prior to commencement of the training (Please make sure that you email and phone or text 07776304063 to ensure that your notification has been received).

We offer no refund for cancellations made within the 14 day period prior to commencement of the course, however in exceptional circumstances you may be able to transfer your booking to a later equivalent course. Refunds are also not available if you decide to stop attending part way through a course.

In the unlikely event of cancellation by the organiser (Phil Knox) you will receive a refund in full for all monies paid or offered a place on a subsequent course whichever is your preference.

I Phil Knox reserve the right to make minor changes to course formats (excluding the duration of the course).  I also reserve the right to make minor venue changes if necessary. Aside from these points all courses will be delivered according to the course description. I Phil Knox, or my representatives, are not responsible for any additional costs such as travel and accommodation.

Participants are expected to treat each other and all trainers, assistants and guests with respect and to receive assessment and feedback with a positive and open mind. In order to ensure an enjoyable and effective learning environment for all, the right is reserved (as a last resort) to expel without refund any attendee who acts disruptively or is disrespectful towards others.

Agreeing These Terms & Conditions
These Terms and conditions ensure the viability of the course; the wider recognition of the qualification gained and generally contributes to a safer environment for all attendees. With this in mind please understand that no booking can be accepted unless a signed copy of these Terms & Conditions accompanies your application to attend.

Phil Knox IEMT Trainer [email protected]

Venue: Brook House,
54a Cowley Mill Road,
Uxbridge, Greater London,

Other venues to be advised

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